Shah Rukh Khan Said to The Parents ...

Thirty First naite Bangalore, India reacted with outrage over sexual harassment disgusting 'Bollywood Badshah Shah Rukh Khan. Following the incident, the boys from an early age he was taught to respect women and urged all parents. His two sons and a daughter. Online NDTV said in a report Sunday. This is one of the most influential Bollywood star said: "I think it is terrible wrong. We who are parents, we should be taught from an early age to respect women chelesantanake. " MG Road, Bangalore on the night of December 31 last year and is attended by thousands of people. Some of the men and women were allegedly molested. The women did not respond to any incident, without having to shout for help. More complaints, nearly half of the police at the scene were silent. The 51-year-old actor said, where women work outside the home or whatever, they have to respect the maximum. Shah Rukh said, "There are places in my heart that my daughter and my mother, so that all women and girls of the place. I think the time is ripe for us to pursue the matter. At the same time the highest honor in the world of the women, to ensure that. " Shah Rukh said the father of three children, "they (the women) were not, then we would not be here. Working women, housewives, women have to respect all over the world. "

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