The best way to learn more about the Ripper from hacking password

Hello, I hope everyone is doing well, today I will discuss how we can be stronger password. Before the concept of online security system, if the light is good.
Online security system that works
time to open an account online information (email, usernames, password) to open the account, online security systems and the information submitted to the server hosting account with the login information to log in to the time. With all these facts to the login button security system that has all the data on the server and test whether their data inapuna krrta information you submit to the server (the account information was at that time open) coincides with the security system does not match the account will eksasesa eksasesa will not.
Let us look at how a hacker account information (emails, usernames, password), steal
a lot of hackers to hack the password of his notable:
  • Social Engineering Attack or Social Attack.
  • Phishing Attack.
  • Sniffing Attack.
What is Social Engineering Attack or Social Attack?
Social Engineering Attack or attempted to hack Social Attack of the estimates. For example, if a hacker to hack my pheibuka ID Social Attack my home phone number or e-mail if the password for my e-mail as a shamolsingha, 123456, or will try to login with my phone number.
What is Phishing Attack?
Phishing Attack easier and much more effective it is Phishing Attack hyakara. Phishing Phishing Attack wearing the tune of about prasenajittera'll have a tune, tune in here to avoid hacking Phishing need to know about
what Sniffing Attack?
Sniffing Attack Attack marakta one of the most successful hacker Sniffing Attack If you have used your computer to the Internet, all information (emails, usernames, password) could grab.
Sniffing Attack is the way
our account information (emails, usernames, password) to log in by clicking on the button with the information goes to the hosting server, the server information, take a copy of all the information that hackers paisanora ago.
Sniffing Attack the best Web sites in order to close the SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) used, SSL is the Internet, our data is secure, SSL using the form inakrapta convert the information I provide information adana. Do not you understand? An example'm clear
Please remember that Facebook (using SSL pheibuke taxes) Click to login with my password 1234567 1234567 I SSL system to convert the data in the form of inakrapta process, such as the Form is inakrapta 1234567 20eabe5d64b0e216796e834f52d61fd0b70332fc . If hackers amarake Sniffing Attack as if my password 20eabe5d64b0e216796e834f52d61fd0b70332fc it. The hacker can find out what my password.
Stand There, in the form of hackers who inakrapta dikrapta can get your password.
How to create a strong password.
Hyakara big ithikyara balethakena to
make your password as easy as possible (not less than 8 digits)
If your password only if the number of hackers to dikrapta your password pharamake inakrapta takes 10 minutes or less.
If your password is uppercase or lowercase letter + number of hackers to dikrapta pharamake inakrapta your password takes about 10 hours.
If your password uppercase lowercase letter + number + password to the hacker takes about 4 hours to dikrapta inakrapta pharamake.
If your password uppercase + lowercase letter + number + special symbols in your password if the hacker can dikrapta inakrapta pharamake takes around 1800 (eighteen hundred) years. 
Special symbols in the ~! @ # $% ^ & * () _ + = - \ ';: "/ ?.>, <Also think there is.
That, with the eight-digit password in the eight digits or more caps aratau + lowercase letter + number + special symbols of the password if you are much less likely to be hacked.
A good password sample M1 @ 23 # n45 * 67.
Prrbe tune published
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