A hacker Hamza story benadellajera

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We have all come good achenaanekei know about him from before, but it's people who do not know their janyaajake it will introduce you to the world of hacking known as the Robin Hood of hacking the hacker Hamza benadellajera sathetini "BX1" known.

Hamza benadellaja a hero or just a cyber criminal hacking world?

Hamza benadellaja SpyEye amerikana using computer viruses to bank millions of dollars to hack and hack their bank the money he gave away poor Palestinians. He called Robin Hood of hacking paricitaekhana to everyone that it depends on your thinking, Hamza benadellaja Robin Hood or just a cyber criminal to you?
Hamza, who benadellaja and Russian kodaphendeta SpyEye  use computer viruses to steal millions of dollars from banks and amerikana benadellaja hayahamaja sentenced to $ 8,500 when he became the first to identify the SpyEye virus, sold a copy of the American under-cover officer. Later, he was arrested in an airport in Thailand in 2013 and was handed over to US authorities.
7-year-old computer science graduate in Algeria against more than 217 accused of stealing money from American banks and financial institutions are. Bank fraud, and other charges and sentenced him to 17 years and faced a fine of 4 million dollars.
Hamza benadellajera appointed lawyer, told Al Jazeera in an interview in Atlanta, JL stramoyatara that his client is ready to accept punish any of his actions.
The amount of money the amount of money committed to hack his account is estimated to be $ 100 million. Hack made all the money he gave away poor Palestinians.

Hamza's imprisonment and the death penalty

As a punishment brought against him over alleged rumors circulating after his death, one of his followers @Hassan_JBr heard the news that Twitter tweets: Algerian Hero is 1/10 Most dangerous hackers. Hacked 217 Banks, SENT $ 280,000,000 to Palestine. His Sentence? death. "
He also was tweeted 4,500 times.
Even the US ambassador alajeriyai Joan polasacika , French tweet that "computer crime is not punished for the death of their capital"
US law enforcement official said, because they were brought under the punishment of his crime Hamza benadellajake tenechenaebam ended with the charges have been filed criminal charges against more than a dozen people.
FBI Deputy Director mark Giuliano said, criminals, commercially malware has the ability to sell it in order to stop our efforts to create a mailaphalakahamaja benadellajera by malware-eligible Americans personally identifiable information and information from around the world anyone would have been used to steal.
Hamza's supporters, despite being plagued by crime benadellaja the official website of Air France and the University of Virginia and across the world for his release on several websites hacked hashtags #FreeHamzaBendellaj and #FreePalestine write calls for his release.
Cyberdeterrence and cyberwar  writer Martin libikira opinion, this type of (Hamza benadellaja) long will be much more active fight against hackers.
"Cyber ​​crime is still an attractive proposition for those who are wise and those who ignore the risk and for those who are familiar with it. He told Al Jazeera:" This is a long, moderately reduce losses from cyber crime is a computing architecture that law and banking and aotabhukta of other money-handling industry. Depending on the structure of the industry will have to avoid losses in architecture ".
After rumors of the death of Hamza benadellajera. Yayachabite become viral and can be seen in a picture hanging rope hanging around his neck, one harmony benadellajera Hamza. The shock among his supporters, according to the pareanekera photoshopped image has been created by the man some say the picture is not benadellaja Hamza. The question remains, however, that Hamza benadellajera alive or dead? And if he is alive now?
Thanks to all the trouble to read my post janyakona beautiful sight to see such mistakes are forgiven.
After all, stay tuned, and the Headlines busy.
Allah hafiz.
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