To hack the victim's computer with a single click (E-mail, Facebook), online since you can not control everything!

Hello everyone, welcome to my post on today's post I'll show you how to hack into someone's computer, he can bring his own hands control of the entire computer.
For this we will use the name rat.
Rat or a Remote Administration Tool, which is used to remotely hack into the computer to be used. Rat to setup some basic ideas about the subject of this post, I will discuss what should be.
So let's get started.

1. How do you hack a computer?

Many question how a Facebook ID, e-mail ID can be hacked or how these kind of questions. The answer is for them to hack the victim's PC to automatically control all the rest will come. The question now is how the PC can be hacked?
Many methods can be used to hack the PC. One popular method is to execute the victim's computer servers rat. If you can get the victim's computer, the server to execute. He does almost everything on the computer A to Z kantralai come to you.

II. What is DNS? DNS setup to use and rat?

DNS Domain Name Service is the complete form, we set up our rat to rat us to use DNS is active for a long time. We hyakeda the DNS computers, or sleibhadera be able to keep control of their own for a long time, until the DNS expires. DNS is working to make connections between your IP address and IP address will help the victim and the victim's IP address will help to transfer the data, and if we do not use the DNS server's IP address if
using the rat server if it will work perfectly well but the problem is that some time after the IP address is changed, will be changed as soon as your IP address with your rat or sleibha that all victims will be gone. You can lose control of their PC. Now if we use DNS, then we
would make the victim's computer to download the data from the first DNS server domaina name will then verify the IP address will be the latest in PC, verify that the picture or you see the data from the victim's computer, it wanted to see.
How do you find the DNS service?
You phritei DNS service can get through.

What is port forwarding? And the use of rat

The port is a protocol that one IP address to another IP address on the transfer of data
are used to. There are two types of ports
  • TCP
There are two types of TCP and UDP ports can say what matter rat setup.
In order to successfully set up this type of server rat portakei be forwarded to the same number of ports open on our computer and the router. Be the router if you use Google search if you write your router model forward is how to get the tiutariyalayadi What to do if you can not port forward? If you can not port forward to your router or any other reason, then because today I'll show you a method port forwarding
on the router, without which you can set up port forwarding if you rat.

UNPN What? And it uses the special case of rat

Sampurnarupa UNPN of the Universal Plug And Play It pratokalasera some combination of networking, which uses a network device that gives permission for data exchange, via any port number that is used by the port number UNPN. Many rat problem setup time forward so that this method today
Now we'll start working setup. Dark Comet since it first needs to download a hacking application, so I do not share the direct download link here, Google search if you hope to get the download link. If you do not contact me on Facebook and I'm with.
That's another thing we need to start the No-IP Client (No-Ip) on our user or IP, it will be updated when needed.

NO-IP Setup go to the website and sign up. Then fill out the form with your information and a free e-mail with the ID select DNS
The roster of the port forwarding.
UNPN (without router port forward) for your PC, you need to download iutarenta, iutarenta to download this link andclick on
the Dark Comet rat, open software and click on the socket

and the socket on the right-click option, which will have the option next to the name of the port lisena 1122, there will be an empty box will write the port number, and date of the tri-down forward and Listen bataneklika atomyatikyali article will give a tick mark. Dark Comet leave as they are now. Now iutarenta and click Open, then go to prepherensesa. The port is the port number 1122 for writing a write in the box next to the text box, and her days Near Random ports.

After clicking on OK you will be forwarded to successfully port, the port is forwarded properly, or go to this website to check the number and type of ports to check. Dark Comet server to server rat rat rat on the darkakameta-click it to open option, and then click on the server module Minimalist and then click on

a box next to the No-IP datakame Stub-ID to the registrar domainera the name and IP / DNS address to be place.
The server port number 1122 to the PC, it just will not save any place.
Then click on the button Normal
No-Ip Dns Client Setup
registrar No-IP website, and they will be able to download the client software.
After downloading the software, install and run. Click to open the Edit hostasa
Now select your host address to mark the check box for the Save button to save the
Click on the riphrese you will see 3 green signals. Keep in mind that each one of these clients before the Dark Comet to open and run the software update will update by clicking on IP address.
It will update your IP address of your server and install the new one is added to the list ryate sleibha! And if you do not update the list of up to 60 days if the No-IP will be deleted automatically from your account.
After the rat server send it to the victim. Interesting name servers that can be trusted to use the icon. When he finished his entire PC once installed, the control will come to you. It's easy to use software that rat.
If you get a pretty good response to this post, then it will show how interesting way to sort files rat. Victim phailati to easily download and install.
Now the bad news about the Dark Comet Most Antivirus to detect the server is made.
The server will encrypt the rat, it has to respond to this post on the basis of what I hope will be published.
About 4 hours to spend on this post wrote, but if you stick to the good will of course share.
Do tiunamenta. If you want to add me on Facebook on my ID .
That'll be all for Allah Hafiz.
To hack the victim's computer with a single click (E-mail, Facebook), online since you can not control everything! To hack the victim's computer with a single click (E-mail, Facebook), online since you can not control everything! Reviewed by Blogger Boy on 8:40 AM Rating: 5
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